Mural at the University of São Paulo


“For the first time, the University of São Paulo opens up to the theme of urban art, in a multidisciplinary effort that involves several areas of knowledge, such as art, architecture, urbanism, economy, tourism, history, among others. Colleges, teachers and students are being engaged in the process of recognizing the importance of urban art for the city of São Paulo and its history for art. With this initiative, USP connects even more with its surroundings and connects São Paulo with an international network of creative cities through the exchange with the universities that represent them”, emphasizes USP Dean Marco Antonio Zago.


The Mural da Escuta was conceived by the urban artist Daniel Melim, in collaboration with the artists Simone Siss and Laura Guimarães, to temporarily occupy the outer wall of the Espaço das Artes building, located in front of the Praça do Relógio, a meeting place on campus of the university USP, in São Paulo.


The work evokes the importance of the appreciation of the female voice in the world and specifically in the university environment. (Mural da Escuta means the Mural of the Listening). The collective of artists approaches the theme from the experiences in their public works, in which the woman is always the protagonist. Melim discusses the stereotyped image of women in advertising, deconstructing spaces in the urban landscape that were dedicated to the exploration of female stereotypes by advertising. Simone Siss explicitly discusses the issues of woman’s insubordination and dignity through the images and poetry she prints on her graffiti. Already Laura Guimarães discusses the female protagonism through the written word, in poems and micro texts printed on posters and walls of the city.


In his work at USP, Melim composes the areas of color on which are accommodated the figurative images and poetic texts that form the whole of the panel. The geometric shapes that are insinuated throughout the mural were inspired by the shadows generated by the “Bichos”, changing sculptures of Lygia Clark. The vertical bands of different heights and colors that appear in the center of the mural represent some of the research indexes on the various types of violence against women in the university environment.

Simone Siss uses the mask to symbolize the situation of permanent discrimination to which the woman is subject in the different environments in which she is determined to conquer spaces. The main figures depicted by Siss on the mural are the artist Lygia Clark the writer Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin, who used the male pseudonym George Sand to work.

Laura Guimarães maintains a permanent research on the feminine condition in the contemporary society, transforming the reports into poems. For the Mural da Escuta, the artist focused her research on the testimonies of students who study and live on campus, seeking to map the afflictions and joys, achievements and disappointments, situations and expectations that mark women in the university environment.


Artist and coordinator: Daniel Melim

Guest artists: Simone Siss e Lau Guimarães

Special guest: Katia Lombardo

Assistents: Vanderlei Viana e Ricardo Pinto

Video director: Sylvia Seganfredo

Video assistent (hyperlapse): Diogo Yanata

Video assistent (drone): Alessandro Couto

Video editor: Sarah Sousa

Curator: Baixo Ribeiro

A production by: Choque Cultural