Rafael Silveira at MON

‘Circonjectures’ Rafael Silveira’s solo show

Rafael Silveira, 38, exhibits for the first time at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba, the city where he lives. Formed in the middle of the graphic arts, Silveira has developed a way of reaching the diverse audience that accompanies him.
Although oil painting is a great personal passion, the artist fluently explores a rich diversity of media, merging, transforming and appropriating them, often in an unconventional way – music, performance, installation, moving image, drawing, and Sculpture are the most present in this exhibition.
Circonjecturas is an immersive exhibition in which the public is invited to participate in the works, enter and interact with the installations and the graphic landscape that takes care of the exhibition space. But in addition to immersion, the public has also come into contact with a significant sample of paintings, sculptures, and other objects representative of the artist’s production in recent years.

cabeçalho expo MON proje insta
The “Corridor of Illusions” involves the visitor in black light, sounds and moving images. In the great hall, an installation-ice cream melts on the floor. On the walls, a string of paintings meticulously brushed with oil. The interdependence between painting and sculpture takes different forms: carved paintings and painted sculptures appear in the most varied conjugations. Finally, at one end of the room, the drawing appears, which, in addition to the two-dimensional, reappears in shadows projected by the strands of twisted wires. From the outside, in symbolic relation with the architecture, Silveira gives light and life to the eye that sees and is seen by the city.